Prestigious residence in Paris

We act as an independent real estate agency in the sale and acquisition of prestigious apartments, private homes and Hotel Particulier in Paris and also in the sale of real estate buildings on behalf of private asset managers, developers and institutional customers. In addition, we do provide a tailor-made real estate hunting services in Paris for private clients whose busy schedules can’t accommodate a proper search.


Our unique goal/mission is to serve and help you throughout all your real estate project!


As a good professional real estate craftsman, with no boundaries and without burdens, we have only one ambition: the recognition of our clients and the work accomplished, the rest is redundant…


We only work by references. Our values ​​are simple: a thorough understanding and qualification of your needs, transparency, objectivity, seriousness and enthusiasm.


As we love to say: “The only advertisement we allow ourselves is the one that our customer give us…

Buy a prestigious residence in Paris

S A L E S I N T H E C I T Y  is a human sized team of real estate specialists, offering to accompany you in your sale or acquisition project.


Whether it’s to sell a “chic” Parisian apartment, an atypical loft, a private mansion, an investment building or even providing a “sur-mesure” property research service, we put our expertise, our know-how, our passion for real estate and our network of partners at your service.


Here, no superlatives or other pretentious marketing arguments, no races for the mandates at any price, no overexposure of the media with multiple advertisements, quite the contrary. We force ourselves the right to say no instead of selling anything at any price and to anyone. We privilege a consultative approach entirely dedicated to a fully customized project for an all-inclusive turnkey service.