Luxury real estate in Paris

Since the inception in 2012, the agency’s primary activity focused on real estate hunting services for private clients whose busy schedule could not accommodate an efficient and proper real estate search.

Rather quickly, our demonstrated ability to successfully complete our search mandates, allowed us to be recognizes as a unique partner for the Parisian owners who entrusted us with the sale of their properties and the clients investing in these types of properties.

We operate in the prestige real estate market -mainly but no limited to- in Paris and the greater Paris area. Dedicated only in transaction, sale or search, for a family apartment, an elegant “pied-à-terre”, a town house and other types of luxury real estate. Indeed, we also manage some rather exclusive national or sometimes international mandates.

Surrounded by a network of real estate partners, we also operate for dedicated marketing of new real estate or renovation programs (sale of real estate-assets, carving…) and as well for sales of office or commercial buildings.

The team has since expanded with the arrival of Anne-Charlotte and Jean-Claude, each bringing his own energy, vision and expertise. Earning the trust of our customers and working to the best of their interests remains our daily mantra.

Open to new talents, why not, but we aspire to keep this DNA and continue to master the service we want to provide.

Our difference lies simply in our ability to appreciate customer contact, to be objective, transparent and to do what we say… Respect for the fundamentals in a way, always with enthusiasm and passion.

“To be serious without taking yourself seriously, to be convinced to be convincing…”